Eaten Sandwich


                                                                                                                                                                            an ongoing project by Rachel DeForrest Repinz, MFA




ALL YOU CAN EAT! is an ongoing interdisciplinary process-based project which explores global mealtime traditions and their relationship to community and the individual. This work pulls from several reemerging ideas: mealtimes and eating, gesture, repeated routines, ephemerality, intimacy, and community/relationship building. AYCE! uses dance as a foundation to reflect on how these relationships and routines are both impermanent and perpetual. Together, we explore how mealtime rituals and relationships are essential to the human condition, both as an act of survival and intimate shared experience.

ALL YOU CAN EAT! was originally conceived in 2019 as a choreographic inquiry of interpersonal relationships and their connections to routine. Ultimately, these connections were developed through movement-based investigations of American Sign Language, everyday aesthetics, and the disability aesthetic. This project has taken on many forms including live concert performance and dance film. Each iteration of this project changes, as it is collaborative in nature and is built from the participants own lived experiences.